XTREME - Cleaning and Care

Despite its special technological characteristics XTREME is a natural product, whose value and uniqueness can be preserved with an appropriate treatment and care for a long time.


Remove dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Microfiber wipes should not be used as they degrease the surface. Coarse-grained dirt (e.g. sand) can be removed best with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a suitable brush attachment. Minor staining can be cleaned best with mild soapy water. Make sure that the leather is not too damped.

Quarterly or in case of heavily soiled leather surfaces please use a leather cleaning agent from a specialist shop. Never apply the cleaner directly onto the leather and test the product always first on a concealed area. First carefully remove coarse-grained dirt to the middle of the stain. Then apply the cleaner all over the area without excessive rubbing. Possibly repeat this step. Then wipe with a damp cloth and distilled water and let it dry (avoid direct sunlight). In case of heavy staining, which cannot be removed with a leather cleaning agent, please contact the next specialist company.

Cleaners with chloride, solvents, polishing or chemical cleaning agents etc. might harm the leather and shall thus not be used.


After each cleaning the leather requires care and protection again. As soon as the leather is completely dry after cleaning, apply a care cream especially developed for leather in light circling motions with a soft cloth. Detailed information about the application of the care cream can be found in the respective product description.

In case XTREME leather furniture is wet from rain, wipe the surface with an absorbent cotton cloth and place it slightly tilted so that the water can drain off. The furniture needs to be completely dry before it can be used again (no direct sunlight). Store XTREME or products made with XTREME never in damp condition and only in a protected and well-ventilated room at standard climate conditions (temperature 20 °C, relative humidity 65 %).

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